American blackjack is probably the most common card game played online as well as off, even more commonly played than the different variants of poker – card games that are always exciting, but require quite a bit more skill and expert knowledge than a simple and straightforward game of American blackjack.

While the rules, gameplay of blackjack is pretty simplified compared to all the different types of poker of there, it would be a huge mistake to fall into the trap of thinking that blackjack strategies are simple or straightforward, too.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

There is always going to be quite a bit of luck involved whenever you’re playing casino BitCoin games online or off, and blackjack is no exception. But if you really focus on playing the odds and the cards you have in front of you, things become a lot easier – and your odds of winning go up dramatically.

The fundamental rules of American blackjack

Though there are different ways to play American blackjack, and some off-line casinos will have different rules sets than online BitCoin casinos, for example, for the most part the game is identical across the board.

Almost all versions of American blackjack come from “Vegas Strip Blackjack”, and those rules sets are as follows:

  • Four individual decks of cards (complete decks, aside from the jokers) make up a blackjack shoe
  • Dealers are allowed to “peak” for Blackjack when they have tens, face cards, or aces showing but aren’t allowed to look at any other time
  • The dealer must stand on a soft 17 without exception
  • Players are able to double down on any two different cards, and also have the opportunity to double down after they have split
  • Players have the opportunity to split three different times (for a total of four separate hands) on their original hand
  • Aces are the only cards that can be split just once
  • Should players choose to split and ace, they’ll have the opportunity to hit each individual ace only once
  • Getting 21 on aces that have been split isn’t an instant blackjack win, but is pretty tough to beat
  • Any card with a total value of 10 (10’s and face cards, for example) can be split

… And that’s about the gist of the game!

The entire goal of American blackjack is to get to 21 as quickly as possible, and if you are able to combine a 10, a face card, or an ace with one another to reach 21 you’re going to hit “Blackjack” and when the hand immediately.

You are going to be able to “hit” your cards to ask for another all the way up until you get to 21 or “bust”, when the total of your cards reach any number higher than 21. If you’re able to hit three times after getting your first two cards and still remain under 21 you’re able to win the hand immediately as well – no matter what your dealer might have sitting on their pile.

This is a great game to play, and one that a lot of online BitCoin casino USA players have fallen in love with. It’s always going to be one of the most popular BitCoin games around and you want to give it a shot yourself when you have a chance to!

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