Rules and Features of Bitcoin Dice

When playing Bitcoin Dice, you need to remember that the number of players in any game is not limited by the possible sum that results from throwing real dice and hoping for the best. Under Bitcoin dice, the outcome of every game relies upon predetermined decimals ranging from 0 to 100 and others are between 0 and 1000 or higher. And even though Bitcoin dice sites change their general rules, most sites will give players full control over the winning chance, the payout multiplier and the amount of bet you place at specific levels as you make adjustments.

You win if by rolling the dice the number you get is high (Roll HI) or low (Roll LO) as per your predictions. And while you could apply different strategies to protect your bankroll and to win more, you need to know that you could also lose more than you have and go bankrupt if you are not careful.

Rules applicable in Bitcoin Dice

Choose your gaming strategy carefully: some strategies are suitable for high-risk takers and others preferable to persons who want to take low risks. Martingale is a high-risk strategy that could easily bankrupt you and Paroli is a low-risk strategy. Before you employ any strategy, understand your personality well and determine how much risk you can shelf.

Always adjust the amount of your bet. When starting a game, you have to enter how much you are betting, and in the course of the game, depending on the strategy you apply, determine how you want to adjust your bet.  You also need to determine the amount of money you are betting.

Rolling over or under: Will you roll over or roll low? This is: will you get a number that is higher or one that is lower than your chance (Roll HI or Roll LO).

Play. This is the most important part of the game. You have to play the game – that means you should hit the Roll on the dice button on the screen.

Payment: Note that if you win, your winnings are deposited in your wallet automatically, and you will not receive any payment if you lose. A loss means the loss of everything, including your wager amount.

Understand the games: Before you play Bitcoin Dice, you should know everything about the game. You should know the house edge of the Bitcoin gambling site. Know about the site’s maximum profit, as well as the percentage of the chance you can select.

Probability: Even though every game you try your hand on depends on your luck, you should know your odds of winning or losing. You should, therefore, calculate your probability of winning, not just play the odds. Fortunately, there are tools you could use to calculate your probability of winning or losing a game.

Long-term objectives: trying to defeat your odds, even when you are on an unlucky losing streak is a bad idea. Note that by following your odds, you could be rewarded in the long-run, your short-term losses notwithstanding. While those odds even out eventually, that development is longer than you expect.

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