The best slots based on movies you should test

Check out the best remakes of movies that appear in modern Slot Online offers. These movie-based slots are by all means worth it to be tried right away, guys.

Slot Online assortment is so big that we will need a whole week to describe it…in brief. However, there are some special slots that we just cannot pass by without mentioning. Right next to the favorite adventure slots and the beloved Asian slot machines, the international gambler always list at least one slot based on a movie. Because just like every casino player loves slots, everybody loves movies, right? And the thing is that slots based on movies are kind of famous mostly due to the popularity their themes bring. So it’s very often for the gaming developer not even to pay a damn to promote its new movie-based slot machine. Just give us the movie name and we will definitely try the slot, if it’s listed in the any IMDB chart.

However, let’s never underestimate the technical quality and the casino’s RTP and stake offers when it comes to selecting a good slot machine. After all, the theme brings the entertainment, while these things bring you the income. And we want them both. Due to these, we highly recommend you not to bite it – please, do not play a slot game only because you love the movie it’s based on. Instead, have it all – great software, profitable features and a fantastic movie theme. If taking under consideration all of these, we can confidently say that these are some of the best slots based on movies ever:

  • Rambo. Developed by the global software gambling leader iSoftBet the game is actually based on the 4th episode of the popular movie series. Should we actually say something about the movie? Of course, no, but as to the game, it’s know that it has a lot of cool symbols and features, a couple of bonus levels and very valuable house edge figures to appreciate.
  • Jumanji. Net Entertainment had been waiting for a long time (and even passed the moment for the release of the movie’s second part) to offer a modern version of a slot game that’s, though, based on one of the most retro fantastic movie ever. And you know what? The effect is amazing. We love this slot game basically because it combines old, but gold elements with the beauty of the contemporary new technologies.
  • Planet of the Apes. We’ve been in doubts when considering whether to list the game, but eventually we decided that we should. Basically, the problem was that the Slot Online is actually based on the remake of the movie and a lot of people simply did not like the movie. However, the applauses, though weren’t saved or modes for the game, itself. Planet of the Apes online slot game was made by NetEn and traditionally, the company made a real gambling masterpiece. Try it.

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