Players under Exclusion Order versus Responsible Gamblers

Some players suffer from problem gambling and are under exclusion order while moderate and light gamblers are offered a variety of gaming options

Whether playing arcade or card games in casino resorts, players can apply for casino exclusion in case of problem gambling. Persons under third party or family exclusion order are not allowed to bet with remote gambling exempt operators and at club jackpot rooms. Moderate and light gamblers have plenty of options to choose from.

Why Apply for Exclusion

While the majority of players bet for fun or wager reasonable amounts, some gamblers suffer from addiction or are in financial hardship.


There are different types of exclusion such as automatic and family exclusion. Under the latter, family members apply to protect individuals who are prone to excessive gambling. Automatic exclusion applies to persons who are undischarged bankrupt, receive legal aid, live in subsidized housing, or receive government short term, medium term, or long term assistance. Such persons are not allowed to open a Singapore Pools account or enter casinos.

Visit Limits

Persons with problem gambling can apply for a voluntary visit limit, including permanent residents and citizens. They can still play their favorite games, whether blackjack, live poker, or roulette, but the number of visits per month will be limited. When the limit is lifted, players are free to visit casinos and bet on a variety of games subject to an entry fee or annual pass. While games such as pengeluaran sgp or faro may not be available, there are plenty of options to choose from, whether fortune pai gow poker, 7 up baccarat, sic bo, double zero roulette, or slots. In addition to a wide choice of games, players, whether subject to a voluntary visit limit or not, have access to a plethora of amenities such as family-friendly facilities, fine dining, shopping venues, and museums and attractions.


Persons who want to change their gambling behavior to bet responsibly are offered free counseling services. They have access to stress management, relapse prevention, proper money management, and relationship advice services.

Light and Moderate Gamblers

Players who bet for fun and without getting into financial trouble have different options to choose from, including resort-based casinos and Singapore Pools. The latter is an official lottery operator that also offers horse racing, motor racing, and sports betting. Bets can be placed in different ways, including by phone, online, at Livre venues, and at select outlets. Betting with cash is only allowed at outlets, with the exception of sports bets that can be placed at Livre venues and outlets. Players can also bet at resort-based casinos that offer a wide choice of games, from slots and poker to baccarat, craps, and roulette. Casinos also feature a selection of amenities such as exclusive salons, tournaments, fine dining experience, concierge, special room rates, and access to VIP areas. They offer rewards programs that are either free to join or paid, depending on rewards level.

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