Everything About CSGO Gambling

CSGO is a video game developed by Hidden Path and Valve Corporation. It is basically a multiple player, first person shooter game and 4th one in the Counter Strike series. CSGO stands for Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

There are 2 teams in every match: Terrorists and the Counter Terrorists. The terrorists’ goal is to plant a bomb and be successful in its explosion. The counter terrorists have to stop this planting of the bomb or prevent explosion from taking place, on time.

Of late, CS: GO has grown immensely popular and it is considered as one of the largest e-sports of all times. This popularity gave rise to the people getting tempted to bet and thus rose CSGO gambling.

This type of gambling cannot take place without what is referred to as ‘skins’. Skins are cosmetic finishes, weapons with different types of textures. Since they are cosmetic, they make the weapons look good, adding nothing more to the play during the game.

Skins were introduced by Valve in the Arms Deal update version. These weapon skins are available in varying designs, colors, grades, etc. and some are very rare to acquire.

To own the skins, one needs to understand that skins are the rewards for indulging in CS: GO. Sometimes, skins are also received in weapons cases, which can be opened with special keys purchased from the in-game store or from the Steam community market. One more way is to buy the skins or exchange them in the market. Transactions can be done through Steam wallet funds.

Where is the place for gambling in all this?

CS: GO is extremely popular with more than millions of players participating, each month. Its presence in the e-sports scenario is commendable. And when there is e-sports, then there is gambling involved. Numerous websites operate around Global Offensive to enable people to place bets on the ongoing competitions with the counter strike skins.

When you wager with skins, in case of a win, you get back your skins and also the skins of the players who lost the bet. These skins can then be sold in the Steam market or some other website.

To make it easier for anyone to understand, skins in CSGO gambling are the same as chips in a casino.

Similar to other games, bets can be placed on sites offering various game modes like CSGO jackpot or CSGO Roulette. In fact, roulette is the simplest of all. The rules are same as any classic roulette that is offered in the casinos.

CSGO Roulette is a rotating wheel with red, black and green colors. You are required to gamble on one particular color. You use your skins for gambling. All you need to do is:

  • Use Steam and log in.
  • Select your preferred match as well as the team.
  • Set a wagering amount
  • Place a confirmation on your bet and start winning

When you win, you get coins (a currency used in the game). These coins can be traded for skins in any appropriate store.

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