Casino Players New Years Resolution

It’s that time of the year to reflect on your casino performance. Be honest with yourself. Did you lose a lot more money than you expected or could afford? Or did you have a lot of fun and overall broke out about even or maybe ahead. Unless you took the time during 2000 to learn a sound playing and betting strategy for your favorite casino games, you’ll probably look back and come to the conclusion that your casino visits turned out to a very expensive form of entertainment.

But there is hope for 2017. You must first resolve to spend time learning about your favorite games and the strategies that will help you improve your chances of winning. It won’t be easy to change, but think of the rewards – walking out of the casino with some of their money for a change.

Try to stick to these 2017 Casino Player New Years resolutions for a happier and more profitable New Year.

1. I will not play any casino game or slot machine unless I understand the edge I’m facing and what I can do to reduce it.

2. Before I make my first bet in 2017, I will invest in a book; video or software that will help me become a more informed and smarter player. I will learn the playing and betting strategies at home until I feel confident I won’t make mistakes in the casino.

3. I will only gamble with money that I can afford to lose. I will never use money that is
earmarked for food, rent, or other living necessities

4. I will never risk my entire playing bankroll at one session. I will set a loss limit and if I reach it, I will discipline myself to get off the table or machine. Under no circumstances will I dig in my pocket or purse for more money to “get even”.

5. I will not be greedy. If I am winning money it belongs to me, not the casino, and I will be content to walk away with some profit, even a small one, rather than continue to play and risk losing it all back.

6. If I am playing a new game for the first time I will do so for low stakes until I build up my confidence. Only then will I begin to increase my betting levels.

7. I will set a goal to never make a bet in a casino where the casino’s edge is greater than 1.5%. This may mean I will have to learn a different casino game – like blackjack, video poker, craps, pai gow poker, baccarat – so that I can achieve this goal.

8. I will join every casinos frequent players club and use my card every time I play. I will not over-bet for the sake of a comp, but rather get my share of comps for the level of betting I am comfortable with.

9. I will always keep in mind that a casino is a place of business run by shrewd business people who’s job is to create an environment to make it easy for me to over spend, lose money, and yet feel good about it. I will not let my emotions get the best of me in the exciting casino environment.

10. If I find that I can’t stop gambling or I’m having financial, work, and/or relationship problems related to gambling, I will seek professional help by calling 1-800-522-4700.

Make a resolution NOW to make your gaming experience in 2017 a whole lot better then it was in 2000. Winning some of the time is, after all, a whole lot more fun then always losing.

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